5 Tips for Making Your Social Media Presence Spectacular


Make everything shareable: To see real results through social media, the content you put out has to have the ability to stand on its own.  Viral content passes through hundreds of users, almost always concealing the original source. You should create your content so that it can reach new followers and potential clients, even if the original context it was posted in is lost.  Add your business’s URL to posts, in an inconspicuous place, so when it’s shared, so is your website.

Engage your followers:  Creating meaningful interaction, is what social media is all about.  Do NOT just post ads and business promotions 24/7.  This will drive people away.  Offer them good information that provides value for them.  Offer them reasons to pay attention to your social posts and updates.

Use analytics:  Numbers may not be your thing, they aren’t most peoples. But using analytics and understanding the story they are telling you, the better equipped you are to reach your audience, grow your target audience, and increase conversions.

Understand the value of social media:  A lot of businesses treat managing their social media as an extra, something they can take or leave.  But social media is happening, with or without you.  You need to make sure you or the person you hire has the skill set that bridges an understanding of marketing with a certain level of technical competence.  Outlining what that job is and the objectives and goals to meet is vital to long-term success.  You need to be an active participant in the content you are putting out on social media channels.

Improve your profiles:  Just because you completed your profile on every social media platform, doesn’t mean they’re optimized. Just like some websites perform better due to seemingly minor UI and design tweaks, some social media profiles can see huge boosts from tiny changes. Even something as minor as changing a background color or putting a subtle call-to-action on the profile summary can yield big results.


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