5 Surprising Things that Miley Cyrus and Inbound Marketing have in Common



1.  They both Understand Their Audience.  Miley understands that her audience is immersed in pop culture and is always hooked up to one form of technology or another.  So, she posts videos on YouTube and Tweets interesting things she’s doing on Twitter.  That’s where her audience is spending its time and that’s the content they’re interested in.  Same with Inbound Marketing, you need to be where your audience is, online and on social media.


2.  Knowing Your Target Market.  So, maybe not everyone was impressed with Miley’s performance at the VMA’s.  But her true fans, who grew up with Hannah Montana, got it.  She was catering to her target market.  And all of the people who weren’t interested didn’t have to watch, it wasn’t for them. She accomplished what she set out to do which was make her fans happy. You need to know your target market. What is their pain? How can you help them get rid of their pain?


3.  You Have to Stand Out from the Rest.  I think we can all agree that Miley has nailed Standing Out.  And good for her.  It’s worked, she is selling albums and marketing her brand.  Inbound Marketing is a process, and by offering quality content, and being a guide to help them navigate the landscape and find a solution for the challenges they are facing. Now they will convert themselves into becoming your customers, you’ve been there through the process, you Stand Out.


4.  Be Brave Enough to take Risks.  Miley’s new image is far from her wholesome Disney image just a few years ago.  But it was necessary for her to take the risk and branch out to show the world who she is now.  Don’t be afraid to embrace a new marketing strategy, getting away from old advertising techniques.  Making the change to Inbound Marketing means stepping out of your comfort zone, and being open to a new way of reaching potential customers.


5.  Get Found Online.  Miley Cyrus’s image and music pervade social media and the internet.  She draws attention to herself and engages fans, and her brand has grown exponentially in the past year.  Everything she does gets shared and talked about via social media, which has directly facilitated her success.  Inbound marketing is based on forging a presence by providing value to your customers and online visitors. If you create reasons for people who need your product or service to find you, they will.


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