5 LinkedIn Tips for Medical Professionals


1. Maintain a current and complete LinkedIn profile

Maintaining an active profile helps keep you relevant. It lets people know you are familiar with the latest technology or best practices, and that you are interested in being a part of a diverse community.  Even if you can’t interact daily with other LinkedIn users, having a complete profile will at least give people general information about what you do and what you are involved in. Completing the summary of qualifications and work history, especially current information, will go a long way toward sending the right message to anyone who comes across your profile page.


2.  Remember – your profile should not be a copy of your resume or CV

Your profile should show who you are, not include a list of every journal article ever written, or a list of every job held if it’s not relevant to what you are doing currently. It also needs to be much briefer than your Curriculum Vitae. Rather than giving job titles, work on developing better descriptions of what you do. Look at profiles of physicians who have similar interests and career paths for ideas on how to write your own.


3. Make your LinkedIn profile is public

A privacy setting that a lot of people miss is one that allows your profile to be made public, If the option is not clicked, only your name and title will be visible to others who may be looking for you. Make your profile easy to find and full of relevant information.


4.  Recommend people for whom you would write a referral offline

Recommendations are like the new generation of references. On LinkedIn, others in your network can write about your strengths and their experience working with you.  Write recommendations only for those people you can vouch for and know well. Also, be selective of which recommendations you post from others about yourself.  All referrals must be approved by you before they are posted, and no rule says you have to post every one you receive.  Include only those that add value.


5.  Ask and answer professional healthcare industry questions

Get involved in discussion boards.  Don’t just throw your profile up there and do nothing. It’s meant to be an active thing. What you add to a professional discussion will establish a brand and build your reputation.  Although it’s good to be an active participant in discussions, be careful to avoid selling yourself or your services in discussion groups. If someone is interested in what you’re selling, they will find you. The message you send in the course of starting or participating in a discussion should be consistent with your brand.


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