5 Essential Elements of a Good Restaurant Website

How to make a Restaurant Website

Having a website for your restaurant is no longer an option, it is mandatory. Many times the first thing that people do when they hear about a new restaurant is Google it. If you don’t have an official site they may end up somewhere else, causing them to lose interest and causing you to lose a potential customer. With new technology and pre-made website templates, a simple website is so easy to create, that there is no excuse for your restaurant not to have one.

Far too often I visit restaurant’s websites and that are missing many essential things. Below I have listed the 5 elements of a good restaurant website:

1. Location and Phone Number – This is by far the most important element of a restaurant website. Most people that visit your site will be looking for either the address or phone number, so make sure that it is displayed prominently. Also if possible put a link on your website that connects people to your location on Google Maps. This way people can get directions easily.

2. Mobile Adaptability – With the huge boom in mobile users, it is important that your site is usable on a cell phone or tablet. Many people that will be going to your site will be searching from these devices, so you want to make it easy for them. To check if your site is adaptive shrink your browser to the size of a phone, if the width of the site does not change than it is not adaptive.

3. Links to social media – Your home page is the perfect place to put links to your restaurant’s social media accounts (which at the very least your restaurant should have a Facebook page, GooglePlus, and Twitter). You can even easily embed a Facebook “like box” on your page that allows people that are already logged on to Facebook to like you page without even leaving your website. Remember that the easier you make it for people to follow you – the better.

4. Menu – This is important because it will give people a feel for what to expect. If you are proud of your food (which you should be), you should want to show it off. I know that most restaurants have specials that change regularly, so it is not essential that you update it all the time, but if you can that’s great! Just make sure that you at least have your main menu posted.

5. Pictures – If you are going to put pictures of your food, make sure that they are appetizing. Food can be tricky to photograph, so if you want to put photos of your food on your site you may want to invest in some professional pictures. If you don’t have time to post good pictures of your food, don’t be afraid to put up some pictures of your restaurant for now.

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