4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Linkedin

LINKEDINFacebook and Twitter are generally the go-to social media channels for businesses trying to build up their social media presence. This is not without good reason. They have huge audiences with expansive demographics–but despite their reach, they’re not the end-all, be-all.

As a social channel, Linkedin has more than 250 million users, along with a ton of untapped uses. It’s so much more than a digital resume and rolodex. You can use it to grow your business, make connections, expand your professional network and more. Here’s how:

1. Add a business page.

Along with being useful business tool for professionals, Linkedin can also be very beneficial for your business. The platform allows you to create a business page with a company description, list of specialities, website link, industry, location and more. You can also use your page to post company updates, job openings, industry news, and even your own business’ blog posts. This last option is a great way to get more traffic flowing back to your website. On top of that, people can “follow” your Linkedin business page to keep seeing the awesome updates your company posts. To make your business page, log into your Linkedin account, click “Interests” in the navigation, then select “Companies” from the dropdown.

2. Find interesting stories.

Linkedin Pulse allows you to create a customized news feed; showing you trending topics within the areas you’ve indicated as “interesting.” You can follow industries, Linkedin Influencers, and your favorite publishers to stay in the loop. You can also take the news and information you find here and share with your followers on your own social media channels if it’s news you think they’ll find helpful and informative as well.

3. Join and create groups.

Linkedin is full of groups related to a variety of different industries and skill sets. You can search for groups related to your profession and skills, then join the ones that interest you most. This is another way to keep up with industry news, engage in discussions, network, and build professional connections. You can also go one step further by creating your own group for people to join. As the group owner, you can establish your business as an industry leader by starting interesting discussions and sharing relevant, helpful information.

4. Filter your updates.

Manually filtering through your updates can take up precious time. If you’re flooded with messages and updates that you don’t want, you can set them up to automatically filter out. Just go into your “Privacy & Settings,” click the “Communications” tab, then select the types of updates you’re willing to receive–whether they be job openings, consulting offers, invitations to participate in research, job inquiries, new ventures, and more.

Social media can have a powerful impact on your business when properly used. Contact The Social Jeanie to find out how you can improve your social media results.


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