4 Social Networks to Watch

networks to watchFacebook and Twitter better watch out,  the social network scene is getting crowded and there are some interesting up and coming websites that will surely give the social network giants a run for their money. Social networks are a great way to gain exposure in your personal life or business life. Here’s for new networks that have some innovative techniques that change the game.

1. Ghost: This new website gives users a simple platform to write blog posts on. The user interface is streamlined to be as easy as possible to write your blogs on. The creator of this website has been in the blog business for years, and his new creation is free and open to anyone interested in blogging. This is great for businesses who want to start blogging.

2. Medium: This network can be compared to Twitter but for when you have something more substantial than 140 characters to write. Business owners can use this to express their idea’s to their customers or to keep the world updated with important news. This is a simple, worry free style of communicating as you don’t have to be concerned with formatting a website or anything of the liking.

3. HootSuite Conversations: This social networking tool is great for use in the office. It is basically a chatting platform that all of the workers in the office can gather on and use to collaborate their ideas. The design allows for teams to easily communicate in real time and share their ideas with a whole group at once. It is a like a mashup of a facebook newsfeed and group chat.

4. Atmospheir: Nowadays everyone has multiple social media accounts in order to cover the most ground. It can get very confusing trying to manage all these different accounts. Atmospheir gives user a clean, organized platform to access all of their accounts in a simple to use app. You can count on this app for organizing your company’s social media in an efficient manner.

Social media is constantly changing. Within a year a new social network can pop up and completely change the way that people share information online (just look at Pinterest). Because of this, it is important to stay up to date on new networks. The earlier you are on a network, the faster you can build your following, which can benefit you and your business. If you are trying to increase your brands social media presence, contact a social media management company to help you grow your business with social media.

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