4 Questions Lawyers Should Ask When Hiring a Marketing Company

law-marketing-questionsHiring a marketing company should never be done on a whim. The company you select to market your law firm should be experienced, knowledged, and able to build you a customized marketing plan that will achieve your business goals. Before you hire a marketing company for your law firm, be sure to ask them these four questions.


What is your online marketing plan? With the weight consumers give to the internet, every marketing plan should have an online component. The marketing agency you hire should be planning setting up and managing all appropriate social media accounts, emails, search engine optimization and more. If an online plan is not part of their overall marketing strategy, your law firm will be missing out on a lot of potential new clients.


Do you create a content strategy? The content your marketing company is posting for you online should be optimized to be found through search engines and targeted to appeal to your specific target audience. If the marketing company you’re considering has an unclear or undefined content strategy, your content could miss the mark and not achieve the results you’re going after.


How do you determine topics for landing pages? Landing pages are the gateway to converting your website traffic into leads. Much like your content strategy, your marketing company should have a method for determining topics for your landing pages. Landing pages on your website should offer your website visitors something of value (like an e-book) that will incentivise them to provide their contact information. Your marketing company should carefully determine the topics and value based offers that will most appeal to your website visitors and encourage them to make the transition into leads.


Do you use ethical seo tactics? There is a right way and a wrong way to optimize your online content. Before you hire any marketing company to apply seo tactics to your blog and website, be sure they’re up-to-date with Google’s requirements so that their work helps your website with rankings rather than impinge on them.


By closely examining your marketing company, you can save your law firm a lot of useless and harmful marketing tactics. Having an appropriate online strategy in place will help your law firm attract new clients in the long-run.



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