3 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

ways to get traffic to your blogBlogging is one of the best things that you can do to promote your company and boost traffic to your site. Embedding a blog on your website allows you to keep your site fresh, and easily publish new content. It also allows your followers to get to know you a little better. By posting regularly your followers can learn about the different things your company can do for them without feeling like you are yelling at them to purchase your product or service. By writing regularly it also positions you (and your company) as an expert in your field. For example, if you are looking for a new haircut and you come across a hair salon’s blog that writes about all the different haircuts for each season along with advice on how to protect your hair color, you will probably view the author of this blog as an expert in hair (making you more likely to go to them).

Even though all of the things I mentioned above are reasons why blogging can benefit your business, it won’t do anything if no one sees your posts. Here are some ways that you can boost the amount of traffic to your blog.

1) A good blog title.

Before the time of search engine optimization most people would say that a good title is one that stands out and makes people want to read more. Although this is still important, search engines have changed the way that titles should be made. Instead of just standing out, your title needs to be optimized for the search engines. This means that your title should contain a phrase that you know people are searching for.

2) Share on social media.

One of the main ways that Google judges the reputability of your website is through the amount of social shares that your pages have. This includes anytime that it is shared on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter, or +1 on GooglePlus. Since you should already have business accounts on all of these networks it should be easy to share your blog post on them. Also sharing your blog post immediately allows Google to index it faster (so that it can be found on the search engine).

3) Add a Picture

This is something I constantly see people forgetting to add to their blog post (specifically beginner bloggers). Pictures are very important! Not only does it allow you to share it on Pinterest, but virtually every social networking site has the option to show a preview of the post, which will include the picture. If you do not have a picture it will stay blank (and look ugly). Also, studies show that people are  more likely to click links that are accompanied by a picture.

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