3 Tips for Online Marketing for Lawyers

online-marketing-for-lawyersThe internet has created new opportunities for lawyers to market their firms, but these opportunities also present the challenge of learning how to take advantage of them. One of the first options is planning out where you’ll invest your marketing budget–with paid advertising or inbound marketing. Here are 3 tips to help you make these, and more, important online marketing decisions:


Let the client come to you, not the other way around. Paid advertising has its place online, but there’s more potential and more benefit to be earned through inbound marketing. For one, paid ads are often seen as bothersome. Unless the person viewing them has visited your site before and are contemplating returning, or you get lucky and 1 of the hundred people who saw your ad that day actually need a lawyer, seeing your online ads won’t entice them to visit your website. This marketing method puts all of the pressure on your advertising to pull new clients in.


On the other hand, inbound marketing allows clients to seek your practice out without you having to chase them down. Inbound marketing rests on the principle of using helpful, informative, relevant marketing content to entice your ideal clients to visit your website, transition into a lead, and convert into a customer. So if you’re stuck deciding where to invest your budget, choose inbound marketing. You’ll have a better chance of attracting more of the right clients to your website this way.


Establish yourself as an expert. Having a qualified attorney is important to those seeking legal assistance. It could mean the difference between losing and winning their case. Many clients turn to the internet to research the lawyers they’re considering, so this is the perfect opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and make yourself stand out from the other options.


One way to do this is through blogging. Your clients have specific legal questions, and once you know what those are, you can answer them through your website’s blog. Decide who your ideal clients are–whether they’re victims of car accident injuries, workers comp, divorce, etc–and you should have a good idea of what information they’d like to learn about. Answering these questions will position you as an expert, someone who has their best interest at heart, and it will simultaneously build a relationship of trust.


Make yourself active and visible online. If you’re publishing helpful, relevant blog content that you know your potential clients would appreciate, you need to also make sure that it’s visible. This means optimizing it to be found in search engines when potential clients enter their query, but it also includes sharing your posts on social media. Your practice should have a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, in addition to having a Google Plus page for each lawyer at your firm.


When you share your blog posts to each of these social channels, you’ll be extending your blog’s (and your website’s) reach and visibility. This is an easy (and free) way to attract more customers to your law firm.


For more tips on how to market your law firm online to attract new clients, contact the Social Jeanie today.




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