3 Stages of a Buyer’s Journey

There are 3 stages a buyer goes through, when they are considering purchasing a new product or service.  A Buyer’s Journey…   buyer_journey


The first stage is Awareness. At this point, the buyer has realized and expressed symptoms of a potential problem, or even an opportunity.  Something has disrupted the staus quo.  You can recognize a buyer at the awareness stage by their need to communicate what is bugging them.  They may be Googling terms like, “troubleshoot” or “upgrade”.  They may be asking questions in a LinkedIn group.  As a marketer, you can provide them with eBooks or educational blogs that offer relevant solutions to their problems.  Most importantly, the buyer needs to be able to recognize themselves in the content that you create.   2. The second stage is Consideration. At this point, the buyer is looking at all the options available to them.  They have clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity.  Comparison white papers, podcasts or videos, expert guides, or even live interactions with the buyer are all good ways to market your product or service, at this stage.  It is crucial to position yourself as a viable option among many other competing options.  You need to know what’s out there and work to stay on their short list.   3. The third and final stage of the Buyer’s Journey is the Decision stage. By now they have defined their solution strategy or method and have a pretty good idea of the approach they are going to take.  They have whittled their list down to the most relevant options for them, and will ultimately be making their decision.  As a marketer, you can offer them vendor and product comparisons, product literature, a trial download or even a free consultation.  The goal is to provide information that helps the buyer feel comfortable with their decision, as they justify their solution or choose which vendor they will use.  Content should be objective and applicable, removing any obstacles keeping the buyer from making their decision.   Inbound marketing helps to move your leads through the buyers process. Inbound marketing campaigns are concentrated efforts that align all of your marketing channels around a single message and goal. It starts with a marketing offer — something valuable and relevant for your audience that you promote through your marketing channels. Then, you nurture the leads from that offer and move them along your marketing funnel so they can become your customers.  

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