3 Reasons You Need to Rethink your Medical or Dental Marketing Strategy

medical marketing strategyYou know that the internet has revolutionized our lives. It answers our questions, connects us to our friends, and allows us to go shopping without leaving our living room. With all of these changes it is not surprising that the internet has also changed the way that we market businesses. Medical and dental marketing has really changed with the introduction of Google. Instead of looking up dentists in their yellow book or asking a neighbor people will use Google to find doctors in their area. This doesn’t mean that word-of-mouth isn’t important, it just means that the internet has now become an important component. Here are three reason you should rethink you medical or dental marketing strategy:

1) 55- 64 is the fastest growing age group on social media

If you think that social media is only for young people think again. In recent years the older age groups have quickly become the fastest growing demographic on social media. This means that you need to think about this demographic when you are posting on your social accounts. You also need to keep them in mind when creating your online marketing strategy.

2) Over half of the 91% of cell phone users have smart phones

The amount of people that access the internet from their mobile devices continues to grow. Facebook alone as over 100 million regular mobile users. This means that your marketing strategy needs to optimized for the mobile audience. If you are sharing your website with your followers make sure that it is adaptive for mobile use. Also you need to optimize your medical practice’s location so that it can b found online.

3) YouTube reaches more people than cable

Bilboards and cable advertisements aren’t the only way to reach your target audience. Other tactics, such as inbound marketing are proving to be much more effective for medical and dental marketing. If you want to learn more about inbound marketing check out my post: What is Inbound Marketing.

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