3 Reasons Social Media Should Be Used For Medical Marketing

medial marketingSocial media is undeniably a part of everyday life for a majority of Americans. People use it to connect with friends, share information and learn new things. It only makes sense that it plays a big part in how people make decisions. For this reason social media has become a source of rich information for marketers. Although most industries have caught onto the social media trend, the medical industry has been a little bit apprehensive to joining the online social world. Here are three reasons why social media should be a part of your medical marketing strategy.

1) It’s where the people are

With over 1 billion users on Facebook alone, it is virtually impossible for you not to find your target audience. Social networks allow you to find people in your exact demographic. If you get a good following on your social networks, everything you post will reach a bigger and bigger audience. This also allows people to share your content with their friends creating more leads for you.

2) People trust it

If your current patients recommend you to their friends there is a much higher lead to patient ratio than if you went after people that have no connection to your practice. Social media makes it easy for your current patients to share your practice with their friends and write recommendations. With the click of a button they can recommend you to hundred of their friends.

3) You can help people

The whole goal of being a doctor is to help people. Social media allows you to do this on a huge scale. If you want to write some content about common issues that you see people come in with to your practice, you can share tips of how people can prevent them. Not only will this bring traffic to your site, but it will also cause people to think of you as a trusted source of information. This means that when they do have a problem they know who they want to got to.

There is no limit to the amount of positive things that can come out of starting a social media presence for your practice. Once you join a social network make sure that you do is post consistently and interact with your followers on a regular basis. Although many doctors are resistant to joining social media because of worry about privacy issues, more and more studies are showing that it can only help your practice. Look at it as traditional networking, but in a different form. If you are looking for help starting or maintaining your medical practice’s social media presence contact the Social Jeanie.

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