3 Keys to Successful Inbound Marketing

Successful inbound marketingInbound marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing (and for good reason). It is the concept of attracting people that are already searching for your product to your site, by utilizing informative content. What this means is that you are attracting customers that are already qualified leads. For example if you are a dentist and someone is searching for “how do I know if I need a root canal,” there is a good chance that they are a qualified lead (either they need a root canal or they have something else wrong in their mouth that needs to be fixed). What inbound marketing does is take this opportunity and utilize it. If you want to know more about inbound marketing, check out my post: What is inbound marketing. Once you understand the basics these 3 tips to successful inbound marketing will make more sense.

1) Blogging

If you know anything about inbound marketing, you know that blogging is an essential part. Blogging allows you to post fresh content regularly, which tells Google that you are a reputable source. When blogging you need to create quality content that you would want to read. Don’t post just to have something on it. It should inform the reader or tell the story, and it should never try to hard sell the reader, just inform them.

2)Posting on Social Media

Posting on social media tells Google (and other search engines) that your content is credible. The more people like and share your post, the more likely the search engines will show you higher in the search results. This includes GooglePlus! Many people think that GooglePlus isn’t important because it has less active users – this is NOT the case. GooglePlus is super important if you want to rank on Google (shockingly Google will sometimes favor content posted on its social site so take advantage!). Also since there are less people on GooglePlus, it will make you stand out.

3) Calls-to-action

At the end of each blog post you should have some sort of call to action that allows the reader to learn more or contact you if they are interested in something. Without a call-to-action this qualified lead will just move on to the next web page and completely forget about you. Ideally you should have a call-to-action that leads to a landing page where the viewer can input their contact information to receive more information or a call from you.

Remember there are thousands of things that figure into how you rank on Google. Everyday Google is updating its algorithm to take different things into consideration and to punish people that are trying to game the system. If you are looking for someone to handle your inbound marketing or social media, contact the Social Jeanie for a free 30 minute consultation!

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