3 Innovative Medical Marketing Tactics

innovative medical marketingWhile patient referrals still play a role, the internet has become an important component for patients trying to research and find the best doctor. This means the internet needs to become a central component of your medical marketing plan. If your medical marketing tactics haven’t caught up with the times, there are a variety of ways to revitalize them. These 3 innovative medical marketing tactics are just the start:

1. Blogging

Many businesses use blogs to provide their target audiences with the information they need—and for good reason. Having a frequently updated blog will earn you higher rankings in Google, connecting you to more patients who are searching for the medical services your practice provides. On top of achieving higher Google rankings, your patients will appreciate the information and the personal touch. Providing your prospective patients with informational blog content that is aligned with their interests, needs, and concerns will allow you to establish yourself, and your practice, as a trusted industry leader.

2. Social Media

Nowadays, having a social media presence isn’t just necessary; it’s expected—especially for businesses. It gives your medical practice a human element and allows you to keep in contact with your patients on a daily basis. Think of your social media outlets as a direct line to provide your current and prospective patients with practice updates, industry news, promotions, patient success stories and more. You can even extend the reach of your blog by linking to your recent blog articles. This will draw even more qualified leads to your website. If you don’t have any social media business pages set up yet, Facebook, GooglePlus, and Linkedin are all good places to start.

3. Website CTAs

Website CTAs (calls-to-action) are a way to turn your website into a lead generating machine. Once a prospective patient lands on your website and absorbs the information they came for, your goal should be to prolong their interaction with your site and capture their contact information. This is where website CTAs come into play. A CTA is an offer that encourages your leads to provide their information (name and email) in exchange for something they want or need. An enticing CTA for a medical practice could be a free, informational eBook or a free personal consultation. By downloading the offer, you’ll both be getting something you need. You’ll receive their contact information so that you can follow up with them and attract them to your medical practice, and they’ll get more of the information they want.

 If your medical marketing tactics are behind the curve and you need help growing your medical practice, contact The Social Jeanie.


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