3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Law Firms

facebook-for-law-firmsUnderstanding the ins and outs of marketing on Facebook is difficult for many businesses, especially law firms. If you’re stuck wondering what types of content you should post, how often, and how to get the most out of your Facebook Marketing, these tips will help you.


Selecting content for your Facebook posts: The content your law firm posts on Facebook should be helpful–the kind of content a fan would want and be interested in receiving. This boils down to one, very important tips: don’t over-advertise! It’s often tempting to always make your posts about your services and your firm, but your fans will get sick of seeing these types of messages. You should also be posting content that will help them. For example, if your firm handles a lot of car accident cases, share a list of steps people should take after a car accident–this information is helpful to them and to you without marketing so overtly. Plus, it’s a way to build trust and credibility.


How often to post on Facebook: You should be posting to your Facebook page at least 3 times a week to daily. Regular updates show your fans that your page is active and that your firm is trying to engage and be helpful. However, there is a line. If you’re posting every hour of every day, your fans can become overwhelmed and annoyed. The best rule of thumb is to not post more than 2 or 3 times a day.


Be a human: Two way communication is key. Many brands who attempt Facebook marketing are just putting messages out there and are not taking the time to engage with their fans. This also runs the risk of becoming annoying or frustrating to fans. Make your posts interactive and reciprocate your fans’ engagement. Like their comments and comment back.


Extend the reach of your messages: Not all of your Facebook fans are going to see all of your posts all of the time. It’s a sad truth. But you can improve the reach of your posts by Boosting them. Boosting posts on Facebook allows more of your fans and their friends to see your posts, which can earn you more engagement and new Page “Likes.”


This is just the tip of the iceberg for law firms wanting to market on Facebook. For personalized advice and help with your Facebook marketing, contact the Social Jeanie today!

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