3 Critical Steps to Marketing Your Medical Practice Online

steps of online medical marketing

Online marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses of all kinds. Consumers go online to look for the products and services they need, and with the right strategy, businesses can position themselves as a solution. And as more and more patients go online to research and find doctors, medical practices can benefit from engaging in online marketing. Follow these 3 critical steps to marketing your medical practice online and you can successfully attract new patients to your practice.


Create helpful content— More and more, patients are using the internet to find answers to their medical questions and concerns. You can create helpful, educational blog content that will provide them with the answers they’re looking for. By fulfilling their need for information, you’ll be able to attract them to your website–one of the first steps in getting them to consider your medical practice as an option. While content creation is a helpful marketing tool for attracting new patients to your practice, it can also serve as great supplemental information for your current patients.

Establish yourself as an expert–By creating this educational content and posting it to your blog, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. But to get the most out of the content you create, you should also be sure to publish the blog under your name. This will allow you to set yourself up as a Google author. This way, when patients Google a phrase and your blog pops up in their search results, your image will show up next to the blog post you’ve written. This goes a long way in helping patients see you as a credible, expert source for the information they need. Once you can show them you’re an expert, patients will look to you for answers when they have medical questions in the future and will think of your medical practice the next time they need care.


Create a social presence–Relationship building is an important aspect to any business, and this is especially true with doctors. We want to know, trust, and like our health care providers. But with so little time spent with patients, this can be a difficult task to accomplish. You can keep in touch with patients between visits by interacting with them on social media. Be sure to create accounts on the social media platforms where your patients spend the most of their time–Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, and Linkedin are all great places to start.


In addition to interacting with your patients on these accounts, your social media platforms are also a great place to share the content you’re creating, along with any relevant industry news. By posting on a regular basis on the platforms where your patients will see, your practice will stay on the top of their minds–right where you want it to be.


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