3 Common Online Marketing Mistakes

common-marketing-mistakesThe internet is one of the newest marketing mediums, so naturally there are mistakes to be made and important lessons to be learned. As businesses are learning to navigate this unique channel, many of them are making some common mistakes. Here are 3 of the most common online marketing mishaps and how you can avoid them:


1. Not Optimizing.

A big part of online marketing is publishing content on a regular basis. This content can be in the form of blog posts, videos and more. While most businesses are aware that they need to be utilizing some form of this, many of them go about it with no strategy in mind. They’ll create blog posts with wonderful content, then not bother with optimizing it.

To avoid this mistake:Optimize your content for both people and search engines. Start by narrowing down your target audience, then create content that specific audience would like to see. Next, make that content easier for your audience to find by focusing it around a highly searched keyword.


2. Being too pushy.

Many businesses make the mistake of going straight for the sale the minute a customer lands on one of their pages. They’ll write blog content that pushes their sales agenda, and only post social media status updates that involve promotions, etc. Online audiences don’t want to feel bullied into a sale–they’ll just go to one of your competitors who takes a friendlier, more helpful approach that actually establishes a customer-business relationship.

To avoid this mistake: Be helpful. Publish blog and video content that helps your target audience solve a problem or helps them make a decision. Don’t publish content that strictly pushes your agenda. For social media, make sure you’re engaging with other users as well as publishing helpful, relevant links and content rather than only posting about your company and its promotions.


3. No CTAs.

Calls-to-action help drive your online leads and sales. If you’ve convinced a potential customer of your business’ credentials and worthiness through helpful content, you better have a next step for them to take in order to transition from website visitor to lead, and then lead to customer. If you don’t, that potential sale will fall right out of your sales funnel.

To avoid this mistake: Incorporate numerous types of calls-to-action throughout your website, in the places your website visitors need them most. Have them on your home-page to capture the buyer information from visitors who visit your website directly. Add them at the end of your blog posts so that your website visitors know exactly which step to take get the information that will help them make a buying decision, or will allow them to contact you.
Don’t let your business fall victim to these avoidable mistakes. Contact the Social Jeanie today to improve your online marketing strategy and results.


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