10 Ways to Use Linkedin for Business

using linkedin for business

Many business owners don’t realize the power of Linkedin. You’ve created your profile and added your experience, but now what? With over 150 million users, Linkedin is bound to have potential clients for your business. Linkedin has become the “Facebook for professionals” and everyone from CEO’s to college students are on it. If you have not created a Linkedin profile you could be missing out on tons of potential leads and profitable connections for your business. Here are 10 ways that you can utilize Linkedin for business:


1. Completely fill out your profile.
When you first create your Linkedin profile, the website will walk you through the categories that are available for your profile. Make sure that you fill out every section in detail. This will help other people to find you when searching on Linkedin, and help you to build trust with people stopping by your page. It will also allow people to get to know you and find more ways to connect.

2. Join Groups.
This is a great place to meet other professionals in your field and connect with them. There are groups for thousands industries and alumni associations. There groups are where professionals come together to talk about business. Spend some time researching groups that interest you and look into what groups your connections have joined for ideas.

3. Create a business page.
Along with your personal profile, your business should also have a page. This will allow you and your employees to link to your profile to your business’s page, giving you more exposure. Business pages allow you to put a description of your business along with a link to your website. This is essential if you are looking for new business leads on Linkedin.

4. Link yourself to your Linkedin.
Publish your Linkedin url on as much marketing collateral as possible. Business cards and email signatures are two easy places to incorporate your url. You should also have a link to it on your website (if you have multiple employees listed on your site, put a link to each of their Linkedin profiles).

5. Search for people in your industry
Linkedin allows you to search based on industry, location and company. Use this to your advantage to find people to connect with. Everyone on Linkedin is there to find connections so don’t feel bad about messaging someone if you want to learn more about their business or just to start a conversation.

6. Research potential clients before meeting with them.
Before meeting with potential clients, use Linkedin to research them. This will allow you to see their professional history and learn a little bit more about them before trying to sell them your services. You may find things that you have in common or ways to better customize your presentation for them.

7. Share helpful articles.
If  your company has a blog, make sure that you push your blog out through your Linkedin. This will increase traffic to your website and make people associate you with helpful content in your field, making them more likely to come to you if they have questions or want to hire you in the future.

8. Ask for testimonials. 
Don’t be afraid to politely ask your happy customers for their feedback. There is a section on your profile page and your business page for people to give their recommendations. This gives your profile more depth, and makes you and your business look more credible.

9. Get introduced. 
Request your first level connections to introduce you to second level connections. People are much more likely to listen to what you have to say if you are introduced to them by a friend. When researching possible leads on Linkedin, make sure to spend time going through your second level connections for potential leads. Linkedin networking is one of the most effective ways to get new leads and connections.

10. Find qualified employees.
Linkedin is one of the best places to submit your job postings. There are thousands of qualified people on Linkedin looking for jobs. By posting it on Linkedin you will also be able to notify your current connections, who may tell their connections, allowing you to reach more people that you already have a mutual friend with.


Linkedin is a powerful business tool. Make sure that you explore all Linkedin has to offer for your business and that you check it often. Have Linkedin send all of your notifications to your email so that you can respond quickly to messages and connection requests. If you are not very tech savvy or you just do not have time to manage your Linkedin account you may want to look into hiring a social media manager to help you with all of your social media needs.


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